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Build, fly, and accelerate

Would you like to run a global startup?

Are you a MacGyver and do not care what you put in front of you?

You do not have to be a technician, you do not have to be an artist, ..., but you love the idea of hacking the art market. You do not know about blockchain, but you would like to get into a startup that uses that technology to exponentiate itself

If you are a viking (and you know why the vikings came to Pamplona and kidnapped their king)

If you thrive in an international and growing environment

If you are one of those who like to give your all for and change the world

If you aspire to be CEO of a startup

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We are looking for a person who wants to hack the international art market: a Market Booster

Focused on the clientIs a makerInternationalKnows the global art marketWants to leave the skin for 6 monthsLean spirit + collaboration + generosity + slicing pie + MacGyver
Initial setupOptimize marketing strategy

What's happening in the art market?Who is selling what to whom and at what price?Analysis of products adjusted to country requirements
Global regulatory landscapeLocal regulatory framework
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The Negative Collection

Domingo Sánchez


Marcos starts his career in Milan in 2000, first working as a still life photographer, later as a fashion photographer with his own studio.

But it is not until 2007, having moved to Paris, that he starts to experiment with conceptual and artistic photography. He also integrates video art and architecture into his portfolio becoming a fully dimensioned artist.

It is during this period that he participates in the exhibition, L’œil du Désir, a vision of erotica through different artistic interpretations; and in Wallpaper, where the presented portrait image reflects the mix of fashion and art that he possesses inside of him.

It is also in Paris that he starts developing his interest for the negative, culminating in his collection Human in Negative, which until today remains unexposed for personal motives.

From 2009 onwards, different trips shape his life. The first to Cambodia, where he recovers his architectural and photo reporter vision resulting in, among others, the series DeConstruction, unveiled in Barcelona in 2012. During another trip, to Belgium in 2011, he starts working in negative again, this time relating to nature. This organic photography gives rise to the collection, Nature in Negative, marking his premiere in The DeeBee Gallery in Barcelona as an artist-in-residence.


Acaba sus estudios de Magisterio y se dedica a la docencia durante 15 años. De forma casual llega a sus manos una pluma ancha y lo que al principio sólo eran juegos y experimentaciones se convierten en pasión y verdadero motor de su vida. Ha participado en numerosos talleres de caligrafía impartidos por maestros como Ricardo Rousselot, Luca Barcellona o Máximo Polello sobre los que destaca la pasión que comparten por el mundo de las letras en su expresión más física.

Comienza a trabajar con pequeños encargos de caligrafía hasta que en 2015 un encargo para Aragón Exterior lo lleva a plantearse la necesidad de completar su formación en este ámbito. Así pues, comienza a estudiar Diseño Gráfico en la Escuela de Arte de Zaragoza aunque lo finaliza en la Escuela de Arte de Huesca donde actualmente tiene su estudio.

En 2018 trabaja junto a una fotógrafa (Leticia Piazuelo) en relación al libro “La lluvia amarilla” de Julio Llamazares, hablando del éxodo rural y de los sentimientos encontrados que esto genera a través de caligrafías en la piel que posteriormente son fotografiadas en lugares abandonados del Pirineo Oscense. Este trabajo fue seleccionado para una beca expositiva en el Espacio Portalet durante el mes de Agosto y Septiembre.

Aunque en los primeros años compaginaba su trabajo en el ámbito deportivo con pequeños encargos y talleres de caligrafía, actualmente se centra en el diseño gráfico y topográfico, intentando recuperar métodos tradicionales de rotulación aplicados a la publicidad sin dejar a un lado esa necesidad de experimentar con las letras y con la ejecución de las obras aquí expuestas.

The story of
Hurler and Vaulter

Hurler and Vaulter were two great friends, lovers of good wine, food and art. They had met many years ago by chance, in the best private club in the city. Over the years they gathered one of the best private art collections in the world.

Being very old, they decided to do something so that their impressive collection would not be lost after their deaths. Tireless, they traveled all over the world looking for a solution and meeting wise people to help them. But the months passed and the frustration increased.

One day, after many hours of traveling and exhausted, they entered a bar, asked for a bottle of wine and remembered good old stories together. The waitress, listened to them while drying the dishes. When Hurler asked for the bill, the girl told them that she was a programmer who worked at a major software company and that she had a great idea that could help them. Vaulter wrote the address of the hotel where they were staying and they agreed to meet the next day.

In the morning, in the hotel lounge, when the young programmer told them how to help them with a great technology that would change everything, Hurler and Vaulter did not hesitate to hire the technologist to immediately start working.

The great fortune that the two old friends had, allowed the programmer to form one of the best technological teams that has ever come together. In a few months the work was finished. Hurler and Vaulter met with the programmer and proposed to launch a company that would help artists from all over the world guard and sell their artworks with unbreakable security.

This website, hurlervaulter.xyz, you are visiting now, is the company that Hurler, Vaulter and their amazing friend have left for humanity.

Hurler and Vaulter, satisfied and proud, opened one last bottle of wine and celebrated forever.

—The girl at the bar

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